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Is it just me, or is all or most of the low-calorie marketing is nothing less than the rising of food prices while being able to get away with proclaiming their food product as 'healthier'?

I also think the low-cal mantra is just a way of letting food companies off the hook and forget about the quality of nutrients in the product, as well as enabling eating disordered behavior.

But that aside, it's still a rip-off, and I've seen this crap pulled with things like power bars as of late, with no lowering of prices of what they are selling. It's feel good marketing for getting less for what you payed for.

Date: 2011-06-29 06:35 pm (UTC)
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I've watched a few documentaries here in Germany, where they tested low-cal products. One fun one was with a pair of twins. One of them ate as usual, the other one ate all the low-cal equivalents. I can't remember how long they did it. A couplke fo weeks or a little longer. The twin with the low-cal food did not loose any more weight than the other twin.
Didn't they find out that the low-cal stuff actually has a higher sugar content or just tons of artifical sweetener or something equally crazy?


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