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Let's hope this law is enforced, I'm sick of companies like General Mills and Pure Bar marketing to those whose lives depend on gluten-free diets.

It's not without its own problems, Celiacs aren't the only ones out there with gluten issues, and the 20 parts per million minimum doesn't help when its well known the accumulation over a day, much less year, is known to be harmful. So severly allergic people could still react very badly.

“There is no reason to avoid gluten if you don’t have celiac,’’ said Antinoro, “but plenty of my patients with the condition tell me they feel wonderful after switching off gluten.’’ There’s no evidence that gluten-free diets offer any health benefits to those who don’t have celiac.

People most likely feel better, Antinoro added, because they have improved the quality of their diet, cutting out starchy snacks while replacing them with fruits and vegetables. That could also explain why some successfully lose weight - that is, until they discover gluten-free brownies at the health-food store.

Other than the fact that humans can be allergic or food intolerant to anything, what proof does he have the so-called fad dieters are eating more fruits and veggies, much less eating more starches? If anything, most gluten-free baked goods contain plenty of starch, and I have yet to see a study on what most people who dump gluten actually in general.
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