Mar. 9th, 2011

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 I am considering making a message board related to this community's topic, because I've realized recently that the age of LJ and its clones are over. Sure, a lot of people from LJ has switched to DW from the past year or two but face it, it's not close to making a dent in readership, and the 90's and 00's are over, things have changed, except for message boards. And before anyone blames FaceBook, people should remember that use of LJ has been dropping before it became useable for everyone, and there are other places outside of that service LJ users have been migrating to for awhile, such as Tumblr and WordPress.

 I remember the time before LiveJournal was more vital, and I depended mostly on message board communities. I don't think the message board concept is going to die either, and from what I've noticed the death of the blog has been greatly exaggerated, it's just some other dynamics of the online social sphere has changed, and it will continue to for years to come.

 One of things that makes the idea of a message board very attractive to me right now is that no one needs and invite code, which is more likely to increase membership, and I don't see the trends looking that encouraging for this topic for DW, it seems to be mostly a fandom-oriented place, like most LJ clones in general. Not that that is a bad thing, but it just seems highly unlikely to change in the near future. I have my own theories about why, such as the lack of making this place more multi-media friendly (like nearly every other successful social networking site)), but I'll try to keep these rants about this out of this community, besides, its far too off-topic to focus too much on. 

 Before anyone gets any ideas, don't worry, I am not deleting this community now or in the future, I'm just recognizing the weaknesses of my choice in community creation.

 Thoughts, opinions?


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