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So I tried their Chocolate Chip Cookie mix recently. It's mostly pointless because they use chocolate chips that are tiny and barely taste like chocolate, and like so much of the usual gluten free mixes out there, too low on salt. The texture itself isn't bad when baked, but I want chocolate chip cookies that are a bit chewy, if I wanted shortbread like texture I'd get a mix for that or make cookies meant to have that texture myself.

My current Fall resolution is to work on a gluten-free chocolate chip dough made with sorghum flour, and even more importantly, REAL rich and decadent chocolate chips. If I had the $ and time, I'd sponsor a recipe contest, but I don't, so I think this forum should be used to toss ideas and suggestions around.
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 I tried the chocolate variety, wondering yet again, why do I bother? Really, what the hell is it with these kinds of companies that use little if any salt, much less much chocolate? Do they really think once you've found out you have a food sensitivity or allergy you automatically have no sense of taste whatsoever, willing to buy anything regardless of lack of quality? I guess they really do. I ignored the fact it has soy flour because I really miss Oreos. Trust me, it's not worth it, it's too sugary for its own good, and almost flavorless.

 If anyone has any recipes for a version of this thing that doesn't suck, then by all means, let me know.


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