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 First it was the Weston A. Price Foundation, now it's the Body Ecology site, Celiacs (or anyone else with gluten sensitivities), please eat your wholesome gluten grains even without a review board, adequate research, and evidence. 

 Even if the grain industry isn't involved with this bullshit, I think it's perfectly clear that this is a symptom of something greater, namely how food sensitivities still aren't taken seriously.

 Pre-ETA: The Body Ecology site makes bullshit up that people with gluten issues can't drink coffee either. Look at their site, it's clear they want to sell people things.

ETA: That thread in PaNu that I linked to has some excellent discussions about fructose. I'm now convinced the main appeal of most fruits in general is the fact that like gluten grains, they are addictive. I never got satiated, much less felt nourished by those things, but they're easy to over eat and feel sick later, at least when it comes to the fresh kind. It's not too good for your teeth either, I've noticed.

ETA 2: Did I ever mention these WAPF people are also anti-vaccine? But that's another bitching for later. Anyway, I can't help but wonder how many Celiacs may get cancer because bullshit like this continues to spread online. It's incredible, Celiac has nothing to do with the gut, it's an inherited auto immune disorder, but they're promoting gluten grains to Celiacs as though that's the only problem. People need to stop giving them money.

Quote Cheeseslave:

Gluten intolerance was not an issue 100 years ago.

Yes dear, and I'm sure all those weak and osteoporosis damaged skeletons of the Egyptians where just a matter of archaeologist's imagination too. They ate their lactic fermented whole wheat grains, and nothing bad ever happened, right.

It's reasoning from people like this that makes me more sympathetic to the paleo crowd.
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 The more I read this dismissive post on Pandagon.net by Amanda Marcotte over and over again ('Consumer discovers Taco Bell not as bad for you as expected; sues'), the angrier I get. Because she such a huge online presence. Because a fair amount of people in that thread agree that the lack of transparency and honesty about ingredients in any product is okay in the name of an extremist dietary ideology that Marcotte has, that we do not deserve to know and that we should have ingredients like soy shoved down our throats without our knowledge. That Marcotte didn't even bother to say she was sorry, much less recognized that sneaking in ingredients without a person's prior knowledge because ALLERGIES CAN KILL. So can food intolerances, if consumed over a period of time, because medical conditions like Celiac, a form of food intolerance (at least last I checked, correct me if I am wrong), can lead to diseases like cancer. But in not apologizing, admitting she did anything wrong, and thereby giving a terrible message to her fellow vegetarians, she is putting the lives of those with with food allergies and intolerances in danger. If, after all, Marcotte believes it's okay to sneak in ingredients in the name of her cause, vegetarianism, and is more than happy to state it without apology, think of the impact this will have. It's already bad enough so many people don't take allergies and food intolerances seriously as it is already. Marcotte is making this worse by not only not acknowledging the criticisms, but influence. Think of how many will be medically injured, or even worse, die, because of her? What is worth more to Amanda Marcotte, the lives of those with allergies and food intolerances, or a dietary ideology in which choice is completely absent, even on behalf of multinational corporations (how progressive of her!)? I believe it's pretty damn clear right now.

 Thus I believe a call to end any donations and advertising to her site is in order. ie, a boycott.

ETA: Well of course I should of expected stupidity from Marcotte, look what I found via Google, Marcotte's insinuation that vegetarians are oppressed like women are. Fits in the Hipsters Are An Oppressed Group bullshit I saw on Pandagon awhile back.
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 First let me be clear, not warning your guests that there is beef broth in the vegetable soup if you know they're vegetarian is a dick move. However, I am incredibly bothered by this trend in the blogosphere in which people who choose to avoid animal products lump their issues with those with Celiac, allergies, and food intolerances. It's a false equivalency because vegetarianism is about lifestyle choice, not whether the animal protein will kill them. Yes, there are people out there with allergies and intolerances to some kinds of animal products, but you have to remember this, those health problems aren't a choice either.

 Thus it sickens me that anyone would imply that somehow I as a person who gets sick by even touching a gluten product is somehow having the same problems as vegetarians are having. Hell no. It's an inappropriate (to put it mildly) appropriation of real medical problems, and if anything, plays down the real medical problems that can occur if someone with something like an allergy comes in to contact with the wrong proteins. I believe it's dangerous, because the last thing people like us need are more people lumping allergies, food intolerances, and Celiac with lifestyle choices, I have heard too many horror stories of kids with severe nut allergies dying because their condition wasn't taken seriously by others (including relatives), so I can't help but feel a certain chill when yet another vegetarian acts like they're in the same boat as we are, because they sure hell are not.

Pre-ETA: Just in case anyone wonder, I was vegetarian for years before I quit. 
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However, I think a lot of this great rant can be applied to anyone with food sensitivities,  and that it should be shared all over. 

When Getting Healthy Means Knowing You Are Sick.


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