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Their site doesn't even mention how many ounces a bar or package in their line, which should of been a red flag for me. I read their FAQ regarding their supposed gluten-free options, they really aren't gluten-free.

Gluten Free: You may select gluten free ingredients for your bar, shake, trail mix, or cookie however, your recipe may contain traces of gluten because our kitchen also processes recipes with gluten.

Then why are they claiming on the front page of their site they have gluten-free bars available in the first place?

Our Build-a-Bar page allows you to design your bar exactly as you want, so you can create anything from high-protein, low-carb energy bars to gluten-free protein bars.

Boycott this company, and don't forget to warn others.
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Ban the Bag: Should Kids Be Forbidden From Bringing Lunch to School?

 It's not reasonable, to expect each and every school lunch program to be capable of accommodating all kids on certain types of diets, such as what is required for allergies and food intolerances. But this is especially true for kids with epilepsy on ketogenic diets, since almost all school systems have bought in to the low fat mantra. Maybe someday, but not right now, not when the government is making more cuts to domestic spending.

 But there is also the matter of how schools are only viewing food from a nutritional perspective, and how entrenched they are in the low fat ideology. Banning cupcakes and birthday cake is ridiculous enough, and I frown on how food is being viewed as a morality issue, and how dare anyone eat for pleasure. No wonder more people are homeschooling these days.
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 Quote Cheeseslave: My daughter is not celiac. She just gets a little rash on her face when she eats wheat.

 But she gives her kid wheat anyway. I'm under the impression she doesn't vaccinate either. 

 The rest of the thread is full of the same bull about how they're really not recommending that Celiacs or other gluten sensitive people eat gluten, when they really are.

 And what's sad is that I'll still probably continue to find sites like this useful for the non-gluten recipes. 
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 First it was the Weston A. Price Foundation, now it's the Body Ecology site, Celiacs (or anyone else with gluten sensitivities), please eat your wholesome gluten grains even without a review board, adequate research, and evidence. 

 Even if the grain industry isn't involved with this bullshit, I think it's perfectly clear that this is a symptom of something greater, namely how food sensitivities still aren't taken seriously.

 Pre-ETA: The Body Ecology site makes bullshit up that people with gluten issues can't drink coffee either. Look at their site, it's clear they want to sell people things.

ETA: That thread in PaNu that I linked to has some excellent discussions about fructose. I'm now convinced the main appeal of most fruits in general is the fact that like gluten grains, they are addictive. I never got satiated, much less felt nourished by those things, but they're easy to over eat and feel sick later, at least when it comes to the fresh kind. It's not too good for your teeth either, I've noticed.

ETA 2: Did I ever mention these WAPF people are also anti-vaccine? But that's another bitching for later. Anyway, I can't help but wonder how many Celiacs may get cancer because bullshit like this continues to spread online. It's incredible, Celiac has nothing to do with the gut, it's an inherited auto immune disorder, but they're promoting gluten grains to Celiacs as though that's the only problem. People need to stop giving them money.

Quote Cheeseslave:

Gluten intolerance was not an issue 100 years ago.

Yes dear, and I'm sure all those weak and osteoporosis damaged skeletons of the Egyptians where just a matter of archaeologist's imagination too. They ate their lactic fermented whole wheat grains, and nothing bad ever happened, right.

It's reasoning from people like this that makes me more sympathetic to the paleo crowd.


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