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So I tried their Chocolate Chip Cookie mix recently. It's mostly pointless because they use chocolate chips that are tiny and barely taste like chocolate, and like so much of the usual gluten free mixes out there, too low on salt. The texture itself isn't bad when baked, but I want chocolate chip cookies that are a bit chewy, if I wanted shortbread like texture I'd get a mix for that or make cookies meant to have that texture myself.

My current Fall resolution is to work on a gluten-free chocolate chip dough made with sorghum flour, and even more importantly, REAL rich and decadent chocolate chips. If I had the $ and time, I'd sponsor a recipe contest, but I don't, so I think this forum should be used to toss ideas and suggestions around.
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  No flavor, not one bit. Not even the dried apples they used in the Apple Cinnamon with Flax variety has any flavor. Where is the cinnamon? Where is the brown sugar? I think I've given up, if I'm going to have food with flavor it will have to be made by myself, or via a package of bacon (made the traditional way, no way in hell am I trying those uncured varieties).
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Gluten Free Goddess: Delicious Gluten-Free Bread Recipe

I've tried many bread recipes in the last few years since my husband and I discovered we were sensitive to gluten. This is by far the BEST one we've tried. It can be sliced thinly, holds up amazingly well in the toaster, and doesn't taste gummy or dense.

This one went in our hand-written family recipe book!
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 First off, I'll admit I changed some of the recipe a bit, instead of using oil I used a mixture of melted unsalted butter and Spectrum's Palm Oil (also known as Vegetable Shortening). The texture is pretty damn good despite the fact it uses rice flour, so I couldn't help but wonder, why couldn't the texture be just as awesome in their All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix?

 Problems-like I complained about Glutino's, and thank God/s I played with the mix while mixing before popping it in the oven-use extra salt, trust me. At least half a teaspoon. I would also use a few extra tablespoons of unsweetened cocao powder or about an ounce and a half of melted unsweetened chocolate (for the love that all that is holy, ignore what the know-nothing food writers at Cook's Illustrated say and avoid brands like Baker's like the plague). A shot or two of dark espresso or dark coffee instead of water probably would of improved the flavor my cake too.

 But if you buy the mix anyway despite these problems, follow the mixing instructions as indicated on the label, the cake will be surprisingly good.

Pre-ETA: The mixing technique was inspirational, I might copy it next time I try to make a mix-free butter cake using mostly sorghum flour as the base substitute for wheat flour.
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 I tried the chocolate variety, wondering yet again, why do I bother? Really, what the hell is it with these kinds of companies that use little if any salt, much less much chocolate? Do they really think once you've found out you have a food sensitivity or allergy you automatically have no sense of taste whatsoever, willing to buy anything regardless of lack of quality? I guess they really do. I ignored the fact it has soy flour because I really miss Oreos. Trust me, it's not worth it, it's too sugary for its own good, and almost flavorless.

 If anyone has any recipes for a version of this thing that doesn't suck, then by all means, let me know.
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 The cost and quality ratio do not compute at all. These are one of the worst gluten-free items I have ever had, dry and not that flavorful, at least in the good way. I advise against buying it. I might have to get my own fryer if I am to ever enjoy this type of junkfood again.


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