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I knew I wasn't the only one who was bothered by Gluten Free Society:

Naturally, the first link in their main navigation is a DONATE link. They have five donation levels, ranging from $25 to $1,000. What are you actually donating to? Well, it says to “help fund gluten sensitivity research”. What effing BS. Oh, but you do get a free T-shirt out of it…which promotes the website of course.

Next in our journey through hell are “Gluten Free Certification Courses”, which naturally is, and I quote, “by popular demand”. They offer two levels. Level One is a 2-hour online course. It’s totally free. I’m just kidding. It’s $200. Level Two is an 8-hour online course. It’s practically a steal for $800. And when I say it’s a steal, I’m referring to the fact that Dr. Osborne is stealing your money.
(Read the rest over at Gluten Dude)
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Is it just me, or is all or most of the low-calorie marketing is nothing less than the rising of food prices while being able to get away with proclaiming their food product as 'healthier'?

I also think the low-cal mantra is just a way of letting food companies off the hook and forget about the quality of nutrients in the product, as well as enabling eating disordered behavior.

But that aside, it's still a rip-off, and I've seen this crap pulled with things like power bars as of late, with no lowering of prices of what they are selling. It's feel good marketing for getting less for what you payed for.


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