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 When The Teacher Is A Food Allergy Bully

 I can't claim I'm terribly surprised, in my experience teachers and other staff members instigated it. I feel very luck my gluten sensitivity symptoms came about long after I graduated from high school.
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Panadgon sees the bright side of Taco Bell misleading consumers about the ingredients in their products. Marcotte is one of those vegetarian lifestyle ideologists that just love looking down on people who eat meat, and while I never thought she would go so far to be that oblivious to those with medical conditions... well I guess this kind of crap shouldn't surprise me. Don't get me wrong, she isn't without good political insights before, but she has the lifestyle related self-righteousness that some left wingers and progressive types (not unlike Mickey Z) that I can honestly understand why the right wing in this country may look attractive to some people.

 Amanda Marcotte, if you have a consience and a sense of shame, you should be apologizing to Celiac, allergy, and food intolerance sufferers. But I'm not holding my breath, because you've already written three posts whining about how the hipsters are oppressed already, so why should you care about people with legitimate problems?


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