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 This has nothing to do with gluten-free, other than the brand of protein bar I was googling for (Quest Bar). One of the reviews of it annoyed me, because the reviewer didn't understand the differences between non-carb sugar substitutes, and claimed that Stevia and Lo Han Guo were artificial. This is not the case at all, but I'm not going to provide links anyway on this one because it really isn't that hard to use a search engine. I don't give a damn about what Marion Nestle says about Stevia either, especially when it comes to how the product is processed, by her standards, chocolate and other goods would also qualify as processed junk foods, and sorry but you can't compare the highest quality chocolates made with pastry chefs and confectioners in mind with the average junk food on the market, you just can't.

 As for sucralose, that's different, it's lab-made, and it's one of the reasons why I plan on at least trying to make a non-sucralose homemade clone of the Quest bar, even though the amount of it in those bars are pretty small. There are a lot of good things about these bars, but they should perhaps have used Stevia in addition to Lo Han Guo, or just more Lo Han Guo in general instead of sucralose, but I don't run the company. On the other hand, they're the only good protein bar out there that is filling and is not full of carbs, gluten, or soy, and I can't deny I plan on buying myself a box or two of them soon anyway. They taste great, despite some minor problems I have with chicory root. But in the meantime, I'll be working on a recipe for a nut butter and whey based bars that are just as filling. 


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